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VIP0 Handbook: Guide for the Free Player [Copy URL]

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Edited by Gaara at 2013-12-16 17:02

First off, it's hard as a free player. Really hard. My first word of advice is to simply top up (Atleast VIP4+ if you want to aim for the top). It makes everything so much easier and really helps you get off to a good start. As a free player you can't expect to do all that well in arena or events and the like. You will be at  a constant disadvantage and at times will be helpless if you try to take on more than you can. In terms of the food chain you would most likely but not always be at the bottom.

Still here? Alright. Let's get started with the basics.

Table of Contents:
-Coupon Do's and Don'ts
-Silver Do's and Don'ts
-Gear advice and tips
-Jade tips/First day shopping for the free player
-Guild Tips
-S-Ninja and You
-Tailed Beast for the Free player (Tips)
-Arena Tips/Misconceptions

Disclaimer: Been writing this for alittle while now between papers and feel it's full enough to be posted. This is like always the bare minimum in information and is not the offical way of doing things. I just want there to be some sort of support for players who really don't get the help or the insight they deserve and right now alot of free players are at the end of their ropes with the current gameplay and hopefully this can help get them on the right track or provide a track for them to be on. Plus my inbox is full of the same questions so I figured I'd knock them all out at once.
Special Thanks:
Mythological for his Guild Guide
T9Torres for his S-Ninja Recruitment Guide
Players from my inbox who provided me with the questions

Currently on an UN Hiatus. All IGNs of Gaara aren't me.

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Edited by Gaara at 2013-12-16 16:59

Don't want to top up? No card to use or maybe you just have more important things to spend your green on. No problem. I understand. You still want to play though right? Let's try to make you the best free player you can be.

In your situation coupons will be your lifeline. Without them you couldn't compete. They are basically gold except you can't use them in places like guild donations and they will never count towards your vip level. Coupons are vaulable so don't go blowing them on things you don't need.

Do's and Don'ts for Coupons

-Spend Coupons on Jades. I cannot stress this enough. Try to get the most jades for your coupons. If you want to focus on one stat then get singles but again try to get the most for your coupons. That level 4 Dodge jade may be 4 percent but it's 120 coupons. Get 2 level 3 Dod. jades at 3 percent each for a total of 6 percent.
-Save your coupons if you are not using them. You don't need to spend them all at one time.
-Know how to gain coupons. Every 3rd day you check in you get coupons it starts at 10 at the beginning of the month and raises by 5 every 3rd day. It refreshes and starts over every month. Daily task also allows you to get up to 20 coupons a day. Also ranking in KC gives an amount of coupons. There are other ways as well so keep an eye out for them.

-Blow coupons on things that aren't needed. Sure level 4 jade packs are nice, but if you are broke with one character with mediocre stats afterwards it isn't worth it.
-Buy ramen more than 2 times as the price increases by 2 per bowl. You should only buy ramen to do the 2x gold task on daily task
-Spend all your coupons getting one set of powerful jades. Spread it around. This case you need quantity over quality.
-Spam click when you are doing stuff, a perfect example is adv.boosting your summon. You end up running out of C.scrolls and spending coupons that could be used on jades.
-Spend your coupons on refreshing trials or treasure maps. It would be a waste and those coupons could be spent on jades.

Coupons will make or break you.  It won't be gained quickly and as much as you would like to spend it on ways to speed stuff up, don't. You want the most out of them. Coupons are a tool used to boost your characters quickly but it isn't the only currency you need to manage.

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Edited by Gaara at 2013-12-16 17:02

Silver, the most scarce resource you will encounter ingame beside S-ninja material. Silver is your best friend but like all friends it comes and goes. Most things in this game needs silver and the amount needed only raises as you progress. Learn to manage your spending quick or you could be on hurting later on.

Do's and Don'ts for Silver

-Donate to your guild first everyday before spending anything. Never wait to do this, you want your feats for your guild buff and you want your guild level to raise
-Save your Silver Cards. They add up and if you can keep from using them you can gain millions almost instantly when you need them.
-Know when to stop. Fortifying, Refining, Janken, and Tailed Beasts are all designed for you to spend fast and often. Most people forget they're silver has a limit especially when you are in the millions. The key to silver is making the most out of as little as possible.
-Fortify and refine responsibly.
-Maximize your silver earnings. Events (Especially Rebellers and Clan Beast) are good at farming a decent amount of silver. All events give it just for participating.
-Save silver whenever you can. At 70 you will be able to do Purple Janken and it will be the first time for most when you see how expensive things can really get.
-Rob Players from Relic Shrine/Dayimo Tomb/Golem Treasure only

-Do not maximize all your equips (Will be explained in the Gears section)
-Pour everything into your tailed beast
-Waste time playing normal Janken for exp scrolls after getting the characters you need
-Spend forever trying to get a certain stat from refining

The name of the game is to manage that silver. You do not want to run out all the time. As a free player you won't have to worry about purple janken until later so you should be able to store a lot while still providing for a decent team.

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Edited by Gaara at 2013-12-16 16:56

Your equips are very important when it comes to being a free player. Before I get into the long talk about Jades I will stress the fact that equips are probably where most players screw up. Here we will try and to atleast have a soild plan to upgrading.

At level 30 your entire team should be in full snow set or close to it. Your plan of garments are simple:

-Snow set
-Blazing set
-Spring set(You can go for Sforge after you finish everyone's Spring set but use the 2 at a time rule)

For the love of everything, skip the level 50 blue set. You do not need it at all. It is when fortified weaker than Blazing and you are using precious Moon Spring to make them when that is used for Spring armor.

Anyway, here is the best tip I can give you as a player. 2 at a time is the way to go. There's set effects for equips in sets of 2 so wearing 3 of Snow and 3 of Blazing is ruining the set effect. When upgrading especially for the vanguard you want to put on 2 pieces at a time. As a free player we need all the boosts we can get.

Another tip. Learn what each equip does:
Shirt= P.Def
(Just noticed, all our ninja have no pants.)

Refining is tricky, you can play it safe and add basic stats to your ninja (Force, Chakra) or whatever your ninja uses, or you can use these 6 items to boost a stat before applying jades. Neji would love the boost of crit or your Hinata could get a solid 6-7percent block rate boost before jades are added. Now this method can be expensive but if you are interested you can get some decent stats with it.

Inheriting is your bread and butter. All your equips will do this one time or another. Make sure you want to inherit before doing it because you will lose levels and eventually gaining them back will be rather pricey so plan ahead.

Fortifying...Man this feature is such a monster. First things first. Don't maximize everything on all your ninja. Your vanguard (Hinata) is the only one that should have maxed everything. Everyone should have maxed weapons/shoes/belt shirt and cloak is up to you. Level 50-55 shirt and cloak and even belts in some cases should be good until 70 or so. This saves a ton of silver as it gets really expensive. The order I fortify in is:

Basic: Weapon>Shoes>Belt>Headband(If Genjutsu) or Cloak(If Nin or Taijutsu)>Shirt

My method:
1st Vanguard's Belt, Weapon, Cloak
2nd Assualter's Weapon and Shoes
3rd Supporter's Shoes, Weapon, Belt
4th Assualter's Belt
5th Vanguard's Shirt, Headband
6th Supporter's Headband, Shirt
Then fill the rest out over time.

That is just my personal way to handle equips. I want to maximize my attack but still pay attention to some defense while I fortify.

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Edited by Gaara at 2013-12-16 14:43


What can I say, this game is ran by Jades. Jades determine who's number 1 and 2. Jade is the best way to overpower your enemy even with a horrible team. As a free player jades are elusive and will be scarce at first. Since fresh servers are frequent I will speak as if I was starting on a new server but it's still a basic understanding of what a free player should aim for when building a foundation for their team jade-wise.

So for a free player you will get roughly 500 coupons maybe 550 or so. I am not sure as the server opening may fall on a day where a check in grants more coupons so I will say 500.

Coupons: 500

Now as a free player you will have Iruka, Neji and your main character (Do not recruit Choji or use Kiba ever) We need to get jades that play to these character strengths right? Nope. We need to turn 500 coupons into as many jades as possible. So we will buy 4 level 1 jade packs to start out.

Bought Lvl. 1 Jade Packx4
Coupons: 100

Each jade pack comes with 1 level 1 version of all jades. For a list of what Jades do you can refer to my guide here:    So let's cut to the chase, Synth all these level 1's to level 2's to get their maximum use and to save slots. You now have:

Lvl. 2 Focus x2
Lvl. 2 Chakra x2
Lvl. 2 Block x2
Lvl. 2 Dodge x2
Lvl. 2Counter x2
Lvl. 2Hit x2
Lvl. 2S.Attack x2
Lvl. 2Critical x2
Lvl. 2Power x2
Lvl. 2Agility x2

Pretty decent haul for 400 coupons. Now after you inlay them all you still have 100 coupons left. You saved them for a reason. Look at your stats on your characters if you see one you want to raise you can buy single jades to boost it. My recommendations are crit jades. Save about 30 coupons just incase you need them something else.

Also here's a tip. Commit to a character. Don't give some crit to Neji and some on your main, commit to one of them.  Once that character is full with 6 level 2 jades then move to the next one.

Bought Single Jades
Coupons: 30
Almost out of coupons? Don't fret. Upon finishing getting your first set of purple equips (Blazing set) (during a new server's events) you get 333 more coupons!

Event gain

Now it is at this time where you can do 1 of 2 things. Buy more jade packs and repeat what you just did or use this money and invest into Iruka for Hinata.

So without opening any other jade chest or anything you have 2 level 2 block jades. You can spend 240 coupons to buy 4 level 3's to fill the rest of the slots up. You can start your Hinata on day 3 with a minimum of 16 percent block already. She comes with 18 so your day 3 Hinata will have am minimum of 32 percent block.  You can refine your gear for another 5 or 6 percent so you can have nearly 40 percent block rate! That is good for a free player so this is my recommendation.

Basically what you want to do is get the most out of your jades. It's a puzzle. Even if the change isn't reflected in BP you will still notice it in an actual match. Jades are an important part of any team VIP or not so as a free player you have think outside the box to get the upperhand. You can apply a method like this for existing teams as well but it was easier to explain with a fresh server idea.

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Edited by Gaara at 2013-12-16 16:56


In Ultimate Naruto a guilds are important. As a free player I will try to pass on my knowledge to try an get the most out of the guild system. Free players, this game isn't nice to you, use whatever you can to survive. There are 2 ways to do guilds as a free player.

Well to be blunt, you are useless without a guild. You need one to participate in anything. Guilds are the window to the events. Join any guild you want or make your own. You want the guild camp. When you log on every day donate. DONATE. You want your feats to spend in the guild camp for buffs you also want to gain contribution and also donating makes your guild level up. Enter every single guild event you can. You gain silver and experience which are both worth it.

For what you want to level up in the guild camp I went: Attack lv.6>Speed lv.6>Attack lv.11 and was on track for speed lv.11 You can do whatever you like but these boost are important as they help overall and thats a big boost in BP especially at level 6 and 11 (Or it might be 12.)

Click here a comprehensive guide on guilds by Joyfun's own Mythological:

For the second way to play with guilds might be alittle abusive and immoral in some eyes but as a free player you need to sometimes use the big dogs to stay relevent. If you can't beat them join them or in my eyes, use them.

When starting a server wait alittle while before choosing a clan, pick the clan with the highest VIP on it currently (VIP4+) get your BP up alittle (10k+) and apply to the guild they are in. With this method you can reap the guild rewards while at the same time avoiding ever running into the top dog in KC since he will always be on your side. This is a little shady and has a high risk high reward nature. You can get lucky and have it all work out or you can do it and a stronger player shows up who isn't in your clan. Even then you guild will always rank regardless and you with all your new found skills and decent build and tactics will still do some damage. I wouldn't recommend this unless you really really hate those kinds of KCs where one player dominates all over you.

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Edited by Gaara at 2013-12-16 16:57

S-Ninja and You

So you like Zabuza but you have 3 Haku's Tears and 15 Chidori's you will never use. I feel your pain. Sadly no trading system is ingame to ease that delimma. Fear not as there are many ways to attain such ninja without having to resort to wishing for a fuction that doesn't exist.

Now in terms of S-ninja it's simple for free players you have treasure maps that can net you materials at random and you have sign in points which accumulate at a horrible speed (Don't even think about trying to spend your precious coupons on Daily Task for proofs). For the most part free players are stuck to a small pool of ninja and in terms of S-ninja your most common choices are:






Pain (If you can get that far)

Here's a comprehensive guide on recruiting from T9Torres(S1 Ryze):

Now don't smile yet. You will probably get one or 2 of these at the most maybe more if you are lucky. Most players say go for Kakashi at 70 as he is the last ninja you can upgrade at VIP0 or wait and get Itachi. Others say get Naruto as a direct counter to Gai.

I say get any ninja you want. You are a free player so it's not like getting a certain ninja will skyrocket you into a place where you are worlds better than anyone else. With or without these ninja as a free player you will be limited regardless but that doesn't mean you can't have fun playing your favorite ninja. This game is far too linear and if you want to go out the box and break the mold then more power to you.

If you want a more strategic answer:
-Skip Naruto if you want. At 70 Darui is basically a purple quality upgraded version of Naruto
-Gaara is good but again he is situational. With the proper crits he can be good but Kakashi is better so if you can wait 10 levels, skip me.
-Kakashi is amazing and is a great addition for any team and at this point the gap between free and VIP players close slightly. If you seriously want Itachi then I say go for him but as a free player Kakashi is really useful and can propel your further than if you didn't have him plus the next 10 level without him will be really annoying.

If you waited to 80 for Itachi as a free player, get him but know you can't upgrade him if you stay free.
If you can get to 90 as a free player you don't need me to recommend anything as you know what you are doing.

Tailed Beast for the free player

I don't know about you, I felt like me and Shukaku belonged together. Anyway your tailed beast is just as important as if it was another member on your team. Maybe more important than that as it's main function gives a crapload of stats that a free player needs dearly. With that in mind don't just spend everything you have on it and curse it out because it made you broke. Tailed Beasts are silver eaters.

So simply put you want to have 2 tails by level 50 and 3 tails by level 70-75ish remember that you should also still be saving. Just because you have silver doesn't mean you need to use it.
Use your channeling scrolls wisely, sure using them on a level 2 Shukaku is just as effective as using it on a level 9 Matatabi but the point is scrolls have a chance at the rare L crit which instantly boost one soul. Level 2-3 on Shukaku is crap. Level 9-10 on Matatabi is like hitting the lottery. With that being said, don't expect L crits often or at all. It's rare for a reason.

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Edited by Gaara at 2013-12-16 16:58

Arena Tips/ Misconceptions

I am sure you are a great player and you have a great team and a good plan but in this game that isn't enough. This is a pay to win platform, remember that before stepping into the arena. Most of the time you may lose a fight and wonder if the person was just better than you. It might be but also realize that he may have just spent more than you and Sasuke really hates free players.

Arena at level 1-49 will be tough, it will be full of anger and rage and all types of idea will fly through your mind as you fight. Your goal isn't to win right now, get that out of your mind. Winning is nice but it's going to be the byproduct of your main goal: Getting Jounin Fang before 50. That is what you want. Attain a rank where you can get decent prestige and some purple chests (11-40 if you can or 40-100 if you can't)

Level 1-49 Team Ideas:

Hinata                                                            Hinata
Main(Antiheal), Neji                               Main, Neji, Kankuro(If you want)
Ino                                                                   Ino

Level 50-69 Team Ideas:

Hinata                                                  Hinata                                                                Hinata                          
Main(Assault atk), Anko                        Main(Antiheal), Neji(For Hinata)                          Main(AntiHeal), Naruto,
Temari, Ino                                          Temari, Shizune(For Karin)                                 Temari, Shizune

Hinata                            Hinata
Main(Aid), Gaara             Main(Defend), Gaara, Anko
Temari, Shizune             Temari

Level 70+
Hinata                                        Hinata                                   Hinata                                    
Main(Wolves), Kakashi               Main(Wolves),Kakashi             Main(Wolves),
Danzo,Karin(If you want)          Shizune, Temari                       Danzo, Shizune

Main(Defend), Naruto, Darui
Temari or Shizune

Find whatever works for you and have fun with it. At level 70 you can purple Janken but it will cost alot of  silver to recruit then level up new members but if you want to do that its an option I would save for gold souls. Your team is up to you and what you want to do.

Formation Guide here:
Ninja Strategy Guide here:

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May need this for other random tips I was too lazy to add into a segment.

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WoW tahts so good, thanks for your great Work!

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