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Server Maintenance,Performs June 23 [Copy URL]

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Post time 2015-6-23 03:43:57 |Show all posts
Dear Players,

We will be performing a maintenance on all of live servers of SD Gundam on June 23, from 02:00 to 04:00 EST Time.And the maintenance will come with these updates and new contents:

        --Update the rewards of the Accumulative Top up event(In the Evolution Chamber,two MSZ-006 can evolve to one ZZ Gundam);
        --Update the rewards for Single Top up event;               
        --Update Monthly Event :There are the chances to get Red Gem Chest from Instance and Capsule;      
        --Update "Happy 2015"Event

           1. Gold Twist will 100% drop out Zodiac Chest,Letter Capsule or Digit Capsule
           2. Open the Capsule,a letter or a digit will be randamly given out,and get together"happy2015"to exchange for the rewards
           3. Giftbag and Grand Giftbag contain S/SS Gundam Chest and Coupon,and get together the enough amount voucher to exchange for new SS Gundam(Coming Soon!)
          Giftbag:includes Gundam Chest*9 + SS Gundam Chest*1+Coupon*1,and open each chest will give out a S/SS Gundam randomly.(Cost Gold Coupon*188+"Happy2015"*3+Ticket*2)
          Grand Giftbag:includes Gundam Chest*99 + SS Gundam Chest*2+Voucher*10,and open each chest will give out a S/SS Gundam randomly.(Cost Gold Coupon*1680+"Happy2015"*30+Ticket*18)
          SS Pilot:Kamille Bidan, ID=78 (Cost Gold Coupon*800+Transform Card*4)
           Transform Card Giftbag: Transform Card*8,"HAPPY2015"*10,and Ticket*6


       -- Corps Tournament Rewards

           SS Gundam Giftpack: 1 SS Gundam Giftpack(Costs 20 pieces of Champion medal);

           SS Pilot Giftpack: 1 SS Pilot Giftpack(Costs 20 pieces of Victory medal);

           Champion Medal Giftpack: 22 pieces of Champion medal(costs 1 Champion medal+6 pieces of turntable ticket+16 rebuild potions)

           Victory Medal Giftpack:22 pieces of Victory medal(costs 1  Victory medal+6 pieces of turntable ticket+16 rebuild potions)

           Champion Giftpack: Gold*200,Silver*4,000,000,Rebuild Potion*4(costs 2 pieces of Champion medal+letter"1"*5)

           Victory Giftpack:Gold*100,Silver*2,000,000,Rebuild Potion*2(costs 2 pieces of Victory medal+letter"2"*5)

       --Replace the inactive Corps commanders

       -- From June 23 until next server maintanance, Capsule makes a disaccount of 50% on Gold Twist in all servers.
       --On Sales
         Lv.4 Speed Plug-in is 50% off (i.e. 128 Gold---64Gold),and the price will be back to the original after the event is over.                    

       --Gold Goupon
         During the event period, challenge the Hero instances after Proceed without Hesitation and have the chance to get Gold Coupon.

         Chance to get the Gold Coupon from turntable.


SD Gundam Operating Team
June 23,2015

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Post time 2015-6-23 03:59:35 |Show all posts
So you can post about a update that didn"'t happen at 2am, and its 4am now... Yet you can't get my bug fixed? Or even reply to me....

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Post time 2015-6-23 04:18:51 |Show all posts
Edited by davegilpin at 2015-6-23 08:27

Well for all those wondering....
Server 9
Server 10
Server 11
Server 12
Server 13
Server 14
Server 15
Server 16
Server 17
Server 18
Server 19
Server 20
Server 21
Server 33

Are not elegeble for the maintanance update......
Cos they haven't been updated.....

4:25am..... might have spoken a bit too soon, suddenly can't access any of those servers...
though different to the green Haro which shows when maintanance is going on... which was showing on all the other servers from 4:02am...
Will have to wait and see...

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Post time 2015-6-23 04:35:31 |Show all posts
server merging....thats why we cant enter and its taking 48 hours

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Post time 2015-6-23 09:02:11 |Show all posts
i hate to wait, that's very very long time.....

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Post time 2015-6-23 09:52:34 |Show all posts
while waiting, we can check the spam page left behind. it may lead to something new discoveries

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