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Ninja Strategy Guide   [Copy URL]

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Edited by Gaara at 2013-12-16 19:08

Ninja Guide

Intro: This guide will explain what is needed to unlock each Ninja and also explain each ninja's strong points and weaknesses. I will also be going over some basic strategies using each of them to help players understand their potential. Note: none of this material is official and is mostly based off my experiences and opinions. By no means is this the way to recruit or use your ninja as they are your own squad and you can do as you please.
Update: Added Basic jade inlay strategies for each character

Ninja Types?
There are 4 types of ninja in Ultimate Naruto at the moment: Great Jutsu(Vanguard), Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, and Genjutsu. No one type is absolute and no one type is imbalanced as all types have a role to play within your team.

Ninja Grades?
Each ninja is assigned a grade ranging from D to SSS, this indicates how powerful a ninja may become over time because a ninja with a high grade has better base stats and the growth they receive every level is raised.

Ninja Quality?
Ninja are also given a color name from blue to purple to yellow to red. These names indicate why type of S.Weapons each ninja can hold but it is also known that the higher the color the stronger the ninja (Your main ninja can also change color names by completing S.Ability scrolls).

Blue Quality Ninja
Ino DUnlock: Lv.15 Tavern (50 blue souls)
Talent: Chakra Talent (Raises Chakra by a certain amount)
Type: Genjutsu (Scroll user)
Jutsu: Healing Jutsu
Jade Inlay: Chakra/Agility/Power
Strategy: One of the most basic strategies I use is early on with Ino is to to put speed on her and a lot of it. She heals my vanguard so my vanguard can counterattack kill my opponents support line/assault line.  

Comments: One of the most useful ninja to get on your team as most lineups will have a healer until about level 50 once better ninja are attainable. She is a blue ninja so she will be much weaker than her purple counterpart Sakura because he isn't able to equip many S.weapons. Worth the 50 souls to unlock

Choji Akemichi C
Unlock: Lv.15  Tavern (50 blue souls)
Talent: Block  Talent( Block rate is increased a certain amount)
Type: Great Jutsu
Jutsu: Human Boulder
Jade Inlay: Block/Power/Counter/Dodge
Strategy: A block tank is easiest as this character is probably not one many people will have on their team but if you decide to add him you have raise his block rate and make sure he has the HP to eat attacks

Comments: This character is replaced by Hinata when she is unlocked. It's a good vanguard on day one and does a good job but with it being only a blue ninja there isn't much it can do that Hinata isn't better at.

Kankuro D
Unlock: Lv. 15 Tavern (50 blue souls)
Talent: Force Talent
Type: Tajutsu
Jutsu: Three Puppets
Jade Inlay: Force/Critical
Strategy: Kankuro is used to rush the vanguard, his attack doesn't have a debuff but it hits hard and with enough crit rate he could hit hard. After your main character hits the vanguard with the attack the causes a defense debuff Kankuro could really break it down and get the most power out of his attack

Comments: Kankuro is a generic ninja, subpar stats and a bad grade really hurt him. On top of that his skill is strong but there is no debuff to assist it. If you don't have a member of your team and really want to pick up something Kankuro is the ninja for you but you should replace him as soon as possible as he becomes obselete quickly.

Neji Hyuuga B
Unlock: Ninja Club (15 Hyuuga clan curse seals)
Talent: Force Talent (Raises force by a certain amount)
Type: Taijutsu
Jutsu: Eight Trigrams Sixty Four Palms
Jade Inlay: Force/Critical/Hit/S.Attack
Strategy: Neji is the Hinata beater, his skill debuff reduces block rate by 15 percent for 3 rounds which sets up so not only he can attack better but his entire team can as well. Add this with your main's or Shikamaru's defense decrease and it's too easy. Also Neji's jutsu hits a few times and adding crits to his character can crush foes.

Comments: Neji is really good because he hits hard and his debuff does do wonders. He is also free by doing quest so there's no reason to not add him to your team, he is far better than the other choices you have starting out but is easily replaceable later on as you get higher quality ninja. Neji is also upgradeable but it's not worth it unless you find the materials in treasure hunts. Don't waste your sigin in points unless you have to.

Zabuza Momochi B
Unlock: Ninja Club (16 Haku Tears)
Talent: Cold Blood (Increases crit rate)
Jutsu: Silent Killing
Jade Inlay: Force/Critical/S.Attack/Hit
Type: Taijutsu

Strategy: Zabuza is a monster, his entire build is offensive. High crit and a hard hitting skill with a buff to boost damage 6 percent he sweep teams within a few turn if the opportunity arises.

Comments: Zabuza is strong don't get me wrong but is he worth sign in points for the Ninja club materials? Nope. Only get Zabuza if you can gather what you need from treasure hunting and that alone. A blue ninja can only go so far. He is also upgradeable and if you can do that without spending your sign in points then Zabuza is a great team member.

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Edited by Gaara at 2013-12-16 18:58

Purple Quality Ninja

Sakura B
Unlock: Lv. 15 Tavern (200 purple souls)
Talent: Chakra Talent
Jutsu: Regenitive HealingJade Inlay: Chakra/Agility/Power/Block
Type: Genjutsu

Strategy: Sakura's quality makes her a speed demon. She will be able to heal faster than an Ino and at a much higher rate (120 percent). It'd be smart to give her a sizable amount of HP because she doesn't have the best defenses. Her most powerful team member is the Vanguard because their relationship acts as the first wall of defense for your entire team.

Comments: Sakura is worth every purple soul used to purchase her with. Sakura's healing ability is unmatched but she becomes less useful once players get the anti heal justsu around level 50 which is when sakura should be swapped out. If you decide against it she is still a decent member in the higher levels and helps gain HP back durinp Kohona Conquest like Ino.

Shikamaru B
Unlock: Lv.15 Tavern (200 purple souls)
Talent: Nara Clan (50 percent boost on all damage)
Jutsu: Shadow Stiching
Jade Inlay: Force/Critical/S.Attack/Hit/Counter
Type: Ninjustu

Strategy: One of the many few Ninjustsu ninja offered early on and a really tactical fighter. He jutsu decreases defense by 15 percent and that sets up his stronger team makes to do some considerable damage, along with him own talent of 50 percent damage boost he can dish out some high numbers.

Comments: Shikamaru is an overlooked character, he isn't needed but if you want to go for him he can help out a weak team and do wonders with it. Due to his trait Shikamaru is probably one of the strongest ninja in the game for a single target hitter especially if you add crits.

Asuma B
Unlock: Lv.15 Tavern (200 purple souls)
Talent: Crit Talent
Jutsu: Flying Swallow
Jade Inlay: Force/Critical/S.Attack/Hit/Counter
Type: Taijutsu

Strategy: Pesky vanguards with their high hp are no match for this guy. His jutsu hits fast and his crit talent makes sure he its hard, really hard. Asuma makes light work of defenses and is a beast on assaults because his criticals are so vicious.

Comments: Asuma is another situational character, if you need the extra man power and have 200 souls laying around I would use it here. Asuma has some ridiculous crit rate and a hard hitting jutsu that leave other taijutsu ninja in the dust. A really good replacement for a Kiba or Kankuro if you picked them up.

Sasuke A-
Unlock: Ninja club (After first top up)
Talent: Cursed Mark (increases force)
Jutsu: Chidori
Jade Inlay: Force/Critical/Fury/Counter/Agility/S.Attack/Hit
Type: Taijutsu

Strategy: It's Sasuke, what else is there to say?  First off Sasuke can attack the assault line every turn. His skill hits at only 80 percent of it's full power but it's every turn and it wrecks everything that stands in its way. Crit is Sasuke's best friend because together they terrorize other teams and really makes fight seem unfair. Sasuke fits in any strategy because he does his own thing and until level 50 he is in his own league.

Comments: If you want thinking about topping up but wasn't sure if you wanted to, do it. Do it just for this guy. Sasuke makes the game that much easier and can get you to atleast top 100 in arena because people don't know how to deal with his Chidori. Sasuke is a soild member of any team and after 50 you can upgrade him (37 Chidori and 300 purple souls) to make sure he stays a relevent monster as you climb to the top of the ranks.

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Edited by Gaara at 2013-12-16 19:00

Lv 50+ Blue Quality Ninja
Temari B
Unlock: Lv. 50 Tavern (50 blue souls)
Talent: Chakra Talent
Jutsu: Trap
Jade Inlay: Agility/Chakra/Power
Type: Genjutsu
Strategy: Everyone should be well informed on Temari from the genin trial where she man handles everyone at least once or twice. Temari is the Non VIP stunner. The assualt line fears her just as much as Karin. You'd be smart to get as much speed on her as you can and make sure her HP is enough to take a few counterattacks. A good pairing would be Temari with a main character that can use the assault attacking jutsu, if she can succeed a stun then your main can get 2 big hits to horribly weaken or even defeat your opponents before they can even attack.

Comments: My elder siblings give me a bad name. Temari's stun isn't as accurate as Karin in my opinion and since she isn't purple quality she can't equip the Cedar Fan S.weapon which makes her slower than most. Though if Karin is not an option Temari will still be a great addition to a team.

Anko Mitarashi B
Unlock: Lv.50 Tavern (50 blue souls)
Talent: Force Talent
Jutsu: Snake Revenge

Jade Inlay: Force/Agility/Critical/Counter
Type: Ninjutsu
Strategy: Anko is basically your first assault attacker if you are a free user so if you missed out on Sasuke and want someone to do what he does than this is his counterpart. Now Anko's Jutsu may hit the assualt line but it doesn't return 100 fury so she will gain fury normally. She runs well in  both the 1-3-1 and the 1-2-2 formations and using her jutsu and your main's jutsu (the one that attacks assaulters ) should send a strong barrage of attacks every 3 turns.

Comments: If you really can't get a Sasuke and you have no other choice Anko is a good member. Shes going to need alot of force and tons of crit jades to make her worthwhile, her speed is also lacking so agility is needed. You can keep her until 70 but I'd aim to switch her out as soon as you can.

Shizune B
Unlock: Lv.50 Tavern (50 blue Souls)
Talent: Chakra Talent
Jutsu: Cubic Barrier

Jade Inlay: Agility/Chakra/Power
Type: Genjutsu
Strategy: Tired of getting stunned and watching the opponents vanguards get healed? Shizune takes care of that because her Justu can attack support directly but it can also stun them! Shizune's skill allows you to stun a Karin or a Temari, healers can be stunned too. It'd be best to add HP and Agility to this character. She is also helpful in the level 50 trials making Suigetsu a pushover if her stuns activate

Comments: Shizune is a situational character, if you feel that stunning is really causing you losses then you should fit her in your strategy. VIP players can run her too. The Suigetsu trial is very hard without her.

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Edited by Gaara at 2013-12-16 19:06

Lv.50+ Purple Quality Ninja
Karin A-
Unlock: Level 50 Tavern (200 purple souls)
Talent: Chakra Talent
Jutsu: Mind's Eye
Jade Inlay: Agility/Power/Chakra/Block
Type: Genjutsu (Support)
Strategy: Karin is your assualt stunner and she sets it up so your assualt line can move in and blow them away. Give her hit jades as well because you do not want her to be dogded because she needs every bit of fury she can get. If you can get enough fury jades on her for a first turn stun you can pretty much call it a win oryou will be given a really good upper hand

Comments: Save your siliver, at level 50 you want this character I repeat, you want this character. Karin is the absolute best level 50 character you could add. Her Jutsu, Kagura: Minds Eye is weak but it doesn't matter because what makes it the most deadly skill in the early game is it stuns it feels much more accurate too.

Maito Gai A-
Unlock: Level 50 Tavern (200 purple souls)
Talent: Dodge Talent
Jutsu: Daytime Tiger
Jade Inlay: Dodge/Power/Counter/Block/Force or Chakra  
Type: Vanguard
Strategy: Maito Gai is a dodge specialist, you can have great stats and a good lineup but if you can't hit him you aren't getting anywhere. Gai's skill gives him even more of a boost in dodge so he is still a great option for any team. When you dodge an attack your opponent can't get fury so you can lock down a team with just one character. Add some block and HP and you have a tank. Gai is more than a simple meat shield and what he lacks in damage he makes up in dodging.

Comments: Many people feel they need to swtich to Gai at 50 to stay relevant. Don't worry about it, Hinata is a great Vanguard until 70. Only go for Gai if you can afford to buy at least lv.4 dodge jades for all his equipment.

Haku A
Unlock: Level 50 Tavern (200 purple souls)
Talent: Crit Talent
Jutsu: Crystal Ice Mirrors
Jade Inlay: Critical/Agility/Chakra/Power
Type: Genjutsu
Strategy: Haku is a situational character and he is really good if you have fury jaded characters. This jutsu allows him to attack him every turn and even if it hit's weak at first his crit talent makes it a problem for some vanguards. He is able to gain 100 fury a turn like Sasuke so you can expect many crits out of him alongside Sasuke they make an unliikely team but along with your main character it works.

Comments: I unlocked Haku thinking more fury meant a stronger jutsu and his extra fury does help. He is also very helpful in the summoning beast event.

Naruto A-
Unlock: Level 50 Ninja Club (18 First Hokage Relics)
Talent: Bond (Force)
Jutsu: Tailed Beast Mode

Jade Inlay: Force/Critical/S.Attack/Hit/Counter
Type: Taijutsu
Strategy: Vanguard nuker and Gai sniper. Naruto is a great addition to a team that focuses on breaking right through the frontline. His jutsu hits high raw damage but it also drops dodge rate by 25 percent allowing his teammates an opportunity to get some heavy damage in. The 1-3-1 formation is really good for Naruto as it lets him and your main handle their vanguard while Sasuke or Anko does some assualt damage.

Comments: Naruto was better than I expected him to be, he reminds me of Asuma but just more offensive. Sadly if you are more of assault line attacker Naruto is not a good fit. He is good in Clan Beasts Summoning though. His debuff also makes some of the upper tier Gai hittable again. You want this character with a high hit rate.

Gaara A
Unlock: Lv. 60 Ninja Club (20 Sand Gourds)
Talent: Shukaku's Power (Crit)
Jutsu: Sand Burial

Jade Inlay: Force/Critical/Counter
Type: Ninjutsu
Strategy: Gaara's jutsu is your main ninja's first assault attack with a speed debuff basically. He is great in an all out 1-3-1 formation with every member of the team hitting the assault in one turn. If you do decide to run Gaara this way it'd be smart to have your main use defend so stun isn't an issue. Gaara's crit is natually high so expect heavy blows that can easily turn a match around giving you the upper hand.

Comments: If you have the resources to get Gaara and you are on the fence about it hold on because in 10 levels (70) Kakashi will be able to hit the full team with a speed debuff. If you missed out on Sasuke or dislike using Anko then Gaara is a powerful choice to consider. His Jutsu animation is really cool too. Also you can upgrade him and that boosts his stats and quality.

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Dude! your to awesome wtfD I dont have any words:S

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Edited by dragonspectre at 2013-11-15 19:28

Nice guide

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Thanks dragon, I usually type it in word but I was feeling lazy.

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Up for this great guide!

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Thank you Ironman. I wasn't sure about the fourm's bumping policies.

(Finally made Intermediate Member status)

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Great guide, wish you added the bonus stats some ninjas have like haku comes with 15.5% crit, 1.7% punchrate, .5% block, .6% block
106.9% hit

Due to rebellers attack and beast battle event, would recommend shikamaru who earns more silver, experience than most ninjas except may be upgraded S rank naruto lvl 50 who does more damage.

Btw something for fury. I find my haku level 50 does more damage damage than shizune lvl 54 with the same gear in beast event with the same gear. Difference of .04% but that adds up, especially when I deal 4.3% (main party plus shizune) compared to 4.7% (main party plus haku) ... ter/43188-fury-jade

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