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Author: xiaobai

Server Merge Event   [Copy URL]

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Post time 2014-2-19 15:54:27 |Show all posts
Ok heres the general rule, those who pay will LIKELY do BETTER than the avg player.  My problem is the following example:

S10 Player 1 spends $1, S12 player will have to spend at least $4-$8s to be able to have an equal footing due to the MORE time advantage (whether vitality accumulation, rebel events, coupons gained from events etc).

Ok another example if we are just talking about the average player who spends little money, although they spend little money is JOYFUN going to completely ignore their few dollars spent and ignore the possibility of future topups?  If you make it impossible for them because they now need to spend 3x-4x more they will likely QUIT within a week.  Why try when its impossible right?

OK for the moderate spenders ($30-60) a month...and I'm in this category.
I budget myself for around this range per month, to stay in the top in my server.  BUT NOW, I don't know anymore.  I AM NOT WILLING TO SPEND $120-$340 Just to catch up and it will blow my spending out of proportion.  Budget out the window....So if JOYFUN wants to CONTINUEto MAKE MONEY in the LONG RUN, MAKE IT FAIR or LOSE ALL INCOME from moderate spenders all together.

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Post time 2014-2-19 16:26:02 |Show all posts
I think most people didn't speak against the server merge at first because they believed it would be between only 2 servers. But as Inouorifa said, server 12 had a late start and should be compensated to balance power between the three servers. I never said anything about the elite match, but this will hurt a lot of people in my server.

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Post time 2014-2-19 16:36:42 |Show all posts

"If you want to MAKE MONEY, YOU GOT TO SPEND MONEY. Therefore, JOYFUN needs to INVEST in the PLAYERS."
*the following applies to other server merges but I am writing this with regards to my server group*

1.  Server merge packs MUST BE SPECIFIC Designed TO EACH SERVER.
-  For EVERY DAY S10 has started in ADVANCE of other Servers give 80 Vitality, Silver SALARY, to each player.
-  In addition 2 LVL 3 Jade Packs to compensate for the rebel events S10 has gotten in advance of other servers for PER WEEK ADVANTAGE.

2.  While point one tries to equalize the later starting servers, theres still stuff like Hokage proofs, Spar gems, and the sorts.

These are big demands, but if you treat your customers right, they will continue to be good patrons.

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Post time 2014-2-19 16:43:46 |Show all posts
if you gonna do this in eu servers please dont join servers just by the numbers, look carefull to the top players in each server and decide in the best way that the server be with some good competion.
If you want i can help with that if you give the data about every top 20 in all servers.
I'm saying this because i'm number in s7 and in s8 i see at least 3 guys better with almost of the double of my BP, so join this 2 servers will end completly the s7 and if now we have 50 active players and they have the same after you join the servers, in a week instead of having 100 players you will have like 60-70 or less.
So i hope you can consider this and watch careful each server before merging, because as you see there are a lot of people against the so if not everyone is happy  with this you shouldnt merge the servers, you need to find a way that everyone is happy.
And as i said i can help with this if you want with just some that from the servers.

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Post time 2014-2-19 17:39:01 |Show all posts
Sharinganpain replied at 2014-2-19 11:12
void our server isnt merged yet?

no..and it won't be apparently

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Post time 2014-2-19 17:50:38 |Show all posts
Edited by Vizard at 2014-2-19 16:55

Edited by Vizard at 2014-2-8 13:50

People need to realize the root of the problem is how many servers there are. Merge solves nothing. Let's say you merge, and now the people that used to be a top player can't even place top 100. They will either quit or move onto a new server. That cycle will repeat endlessly. You can never fix the population problem because the game is not designed to keep players. It is designed to make spenders spend. They do not care about anything but making that $$$.

Now if you don't mind dying before you even get a turn. Please merge with my server and I will show you a good time.

Watch this video very carefully, this could be you.

You probably think he's weak right? In elite PVP, Guii has 672k Battle Power and he's easily stronger that everyone else in my elite pvp bracket.

You have been warned. Keep asking for merge.

LOLOL that is what I posed on 2/8/14 and as I predicted once the merge happens the whiners will come out. No one took my warning HAHAHAHAHAH.

This is the part where I say "I told you so".

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Post time 2014-2-19 17:56:30 |Show all posts
they added what most pplz where asking guys make up ur minds

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Post time 2014-2-19 18:03:01 |Show all posts
Edited by Vizard at 2014-2-19 17:05

Bonus content posted on 2/8/14:

You claim in S11 same people are winning KC, KD, and it takes forever to get any kills in KD. What do you think will change with the merge? You have zero idea how this game is played or run.

When the merge happens all the strong people will form a clan and still beat you down. What is your excuse then? What ever is happening now, will still happen with a merge.

I'm surprised you complain it takes too long to kill rebellers. You obviously have not seen a true powerhouse then because, you will not get 1 kill in rebeller if you had one in your server. The merge will bring them. Players like me who can kill 100% of the rebeller ninja in ONE HIT and you're gonna go cry to forum that the strong people are taking all the kills in rebeller.

Last point, you need to open your mind and realize merge or no merge, it does not affect me at all. I have no reason to be against a merge. I would welcome more cannon fodder. You should be less selfish and consider what happen to the other people who earned their rank only to lose it to people from other servers.

So, I'm awaiting a new complaint thread after the merge.

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Post time 2014-2-19 18:08:22 |Show all posts
Nobody in Server 12 was complaining about it being inactive or pushing for a merge.  Just because we do not post in forum sooner to complain about the merge, doesn't mean we were for it. I saw all the posts about people complaining for a merge because their server is inactive and I didn't mind if it happened. However, I was hoping that if they did merge servers, they would some how make up for the disadvantages that the later servers would have. A lot of people in my server will quit unless this is made right, and I wouldn't top up any more to catch up either. If the developers at least did a two server merge it wouldn't be easier to fix the time gap.

New ports
Server 12

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Post time 2014-2-19 18:10:12 |Show all posts
Again by being a passive observer, you ruined your chance righting the ship. I foresaw what was gonna happened. I warned people what will happen. You know what they said to me? "Hitsuguya, you are just scared to lose your rank". So, if that's the case, time to push for merge and show them what happens when it merges XD cuz people love hard medicine.

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