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Ultimate Challenge....? [Copy URL]

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Post time 2017-10-10 19:51:13 |Show all posts
So i just started doing Ultimate challenge....It has three ninjas who shall i get? im really confused about their power and buffs... can someone tell me who to get and why?
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Post time 2017-10-10 20:46:08 |Show all posts
What's your current formation?

Either way, Sasuke + Sakura aren't the biggest boost compared to HK and MO.

HK and MO are both insanely useful for PvE.

A lot of people recommend MO, because he can cheese through PvE (provided he has good jades, s.weapons, and equipment).

Why? His Ignore Defence means that he deals Ridiculous amounts of damage compared to the other ninjas (since PvE has high defense). He can also survive very long as his avoid injury rate increases as he loses HP (Avoid Injury Rate, or AIR, makes a ninja very tanky). In addition, he can remove debuffs (like reduce attack) from your supports, which helps if support is stunned or something. Also has a high speed buff, increases avoid for entire team, increases attack, and reduces enemy attack.

HK is another great option, and is a bit more versatile than MO imo.

HK has a great -35% damage rate and an attack reduction, which means your team will survive a lot longer, which is super helpful in PvE. He will also help tons in surviving Rebels, which is a great event to farm resources. His Speed Debuff will help more than MOs increase, and his multiple CC can help in PVP.

If you have good jades + s.weapons to back your ninja up, go MO. Otherwise, go HK. I'm assuming your new, and that your jades and S.weapons arent amazing, so personally i would recommend HK.

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Post time 2017-10-11 04:31:50 |Show all posts
JiraiyaShippuden replied at 2017-10-10 20:46
What's your current formation?

Either way, Sasuke + Sakura aren't the biggest boost compared to HK ...

Im on level 99 and my team is Kakuzu, main (gen), itachi, minato, konan. My BP is 612k.

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Post time 2017-10-12 01:30:24 |Show all posts
Edited by SimbaLake at 2017-10-25 09:42

Looking at your team and level, you could probably go for Madara & Obito who is crowned as the new king of PvE, and will help you immensely because he ignores enemy team's defences and has very high attack damage. He'll also increase your team's speed and attack which is very nice. He is a very recommended ninja, I was going to buy him myself once I got enough shards, but since I already have an ok vanguard, I'm getting H&K to replace my useless assaulters .

If you're looking for something that'll help in both PvE and PvP, go for Hidan & Kakuzu. This ninja is a great first choice because he'll be able to attack every turn when he gets his skill off, as it generates 100 fury for himself, and 30 fury the rest of your team. He's basically Minato on steroids, so you could run both in your formation and you'll have some crazy fury gen, or he could replace Minato completely. His skill also has a stun, and can effectively stun every turn thanks to his 100 self fury gen (doesn't necessarily always work on PvE enemies). He decrease's the enemy team's speed and damage rate, which is good.

Sasuke & Sakura are ok PvE ninjas, but you would probably need another event ninja for synergy. Not only does this ninja deal damage, it can also heal; but it's heal doesn't trigger every round like Konan, so you'll need ninjas that generate fury for that to happen. Increases your team's speed and damage rate, which is a nice plus.

They're all splendid ninja in their own way, but if it were up to me, it'd be a choice out of M&O and H&K. One will absolutely decimate PvE, and the other has a good balance for both PvE and PvP.

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