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Weddig ring attribs, not incrased by Jades(that must increase ring attribs) [Copy URL]

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Post time 2019-6-6 03:37:21 |Show all posts
Hello to all. Everyone knows that the bonus from the wings of the ninja, is enhanced by jades.

There is a gaming error with a bonus from the wedding ring.

The problem is this: the bonus from the wedding ring does not multiply by jades.

Now it works as follows.

For example, we take 100,000 chakras in character attributes. Subtract from them the bonus of the ring , for example 25,000, 100,000 - 25,000 = 75,000. Multiply by bonus of the jade. For example, 130% (100% + 30% jade). 75,000 * 130% = 97,500. Add the bonus of the  wedding ring 25,000, 97,500 + 25,000 = 122,500.

Yes, just like that. The bonus from the wings multiplies by jade, but  bonus from the wedding ring not multiplies by jade. The bonus from the wedding ring is simply added to the final digit. For example (a1 + a2 + ...) * jades% + ar

a1-character bonuses, a2-bonus wings, ar - bonus wedding ring.

You can check it yourself.

It seems that it should work differently: 100,000 chakras should be directly multiplied by the bonus of jades, for example 100,000 * 130% = 130,000.

At small values ​​of jades, you may not notice the difference. But if you take big bonuses from the jades, the difference is quite noticeable. Especially bonuses rings may increase further.

It seems that ax should be in mathematical brackets - (a1 + a2 + ar) * jades%, but for some reason, the game is different.

This is a serious gaming error, because it affects long-term improvements and attribute bonuses work in PVE.

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Post time 2019-6-6 23:27:10 |Show all posts
To be fully honest, no one really cares.

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Post time 2019-6-8 09:10:54 |Show all posts
yeah. would be nice if it multyplies

did u ask support about it?
usually. when developers dont want somethink to be multyplayed by jades. they add just atk. def.hp.speed... so mby its bug. that it doesnt multyply

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Post time 2019-6-8 09:13:24 |Show all posts
blackninja4 replied at 2019-6-6 23:27
To be fully honest, no one really cares.

mr. everyone, thank u for speaking for us all

we apreciate it

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