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Author: Gundam_Angel

Reward for Strategy Guide   [Copy URL]

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Post time 2014-5-4 19:16:15 |Show all posts
High Defensive gundam ex sword strike I
good attack and defensive gundam ex exia
High attack and a okay defensive gundam ex skygrasper

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Post time 2014-5-4 19:42:44 |Show all posts
You need to be Level 20.
You join by either: pay 1m silver or join one by pressing corps on bottom right hand of screen.

Creating Tips: Remember the Corps names can only be 10 Characters long.

So now you know how to join you must be asking what do i do now? First after successfully joining a corps
you will notice you can now enter the ship. Also in the Pilots and MS tabs you can donate to get points and resources
for your corps. The points you gain is used for multiple facilities in corps. You get them by donating, Corps levy, and Mine Battle.

Mine Battle
Mine Battle is another feature tied to resources for Corps. When you reach level 20 you will able to do this type of battle. This battle is
restricted by ranks of pilots and MS you decide to use. So if you decide to go into the B rank Mines you can only use B rank MS and C/B Pilots.
The amount of mines varies by the map. Fewer mines are on the higher rank maps but more resources are gained by controlling them for a set amount
of time. Center mines give out Gold

Corps Levy
Donate 300 Contribution to access this very nice feature. It will get you extra Silver and points.

Corps Battle
TBA...Its on Sunday..Dont know much will post later...
Corps School
Helps level up Pilot stats. Depending Rank of Pilot will take different amount of points. Upgrading the Corps School is needed for higher ranks.
Corps Lab
Upgrade Stats on you team(s) on exact spots. Very handy for late game content worth the investment.
Corps Evolution Chamber
Throw 3 units in then get something in return on better chance. Its the ultimate recycling can. The better the rank higher chance.
Also some units only appear in this method unless its through events.

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Post time 2014-5-4 21:30:32 |Show all posts

Front: high defense ( better if it have a medium~high damage too)
Middle: medium~high damage/medium defense
Last: high damage/ low defense

Always reinforce and level-up gundams

save up 3 gundams that have different classes 3-c 3-b 3-a 3-s 3-ss (for mining)

save up gundams needed for evolution and meet requirements

always upgrade which are upgradable

get as many friends as possible ( very usable on geting friend-points, earning silver)

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Post time 2014-5-6 08:19:49 |Show all posts
Front- Defens Gundam (High Defense,Defence Active Skill)
Middle- Attack Gundam (High damage meal, DMG Skill for all)
Last- Attack Gundam (Attacker, High damage range, decres enemy defence skill)

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Post time 2014-5-6 15:04:17 |Show all posts
Front - Tank Gundam (High Def, High Energy, Low Atk, Low Speed) HP Plugins, and Def Plugins are vital.
Middle - Balanced Gundam (Good Atk, Good Def or Energy, Good Speed) Crit Plugins, Atk Plugins, or Speed Plugins should be embed.
Last - Power Gundam (High Atk, Good Def, Good Energy, High Speed) Plugins should be same with Middle.

Prioritize your Tank Gundam first before all. Power Gundam should be 2nd focus and then Balanced Gundams.

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Post time 2014-5-7 19:00:15 |Show all posts
Hey all,

This is daisukei from S-2 collapsing land

Alright so in this guide I am going to be talking about a few things:
1 - Gift pack
2 - Formation
3 - Pilots + Gundam types
4 - Skills
5 - Buildings
6 - Events
7 - Capsule drawing + tips

1 - Gift pack
Alright so first off when you start this game you should always claim the newbie gift pack (giving you silver + exia + 2 test types)  Go to the main website --> claim gift --> get your code --> top right of the game screen is a little "box" button click on it and claim your gift.  Upon claiming it I recommend that you absorb the two test type units into exia to make it lvl 20 and make clearing instances easier.

2 - Formation
Formation lets you arrange your gundams.
There are three positions
- Front (Tanker)
- Middle (Brawler)
- Back (Glass Cannon)
The placement of your units affects now only how often they will get hit but also how they will be targeted by skills.  In terms of normal attacks most enemy units will target about 80% of the time your Front unit.  In the other 20% of the time your middle units will be attacked by normal attacks.  

However be aware that as this game progresses certain enemies have skills which can target units regardless of their position.  For example: Super Raider gundam whose skill attacks your back row unit and therefore bypasses your other units so think carefully of how you place your units!

3 - Pilots + gundam types
Pilots are recruitable from officer school.  The pilots generates are random from C rank --> SS rank.  

Pilots have three stats
- Fight (Affects damage of melee gundams)
- Shoot (Affects damage of ranged gundams)
- Agility (Affects the order the gundam acts)

Generally you can tell based on the pilot which type of gundam it is more suited to.
For example:
Calm Dearka
- Fight 45  
- Shoot 75
- Agility 90
As you can see his shoot stat is much higher than his fight stat.  Therefore he would be much better suited towards being put into a Ranged gundam to deal more damage.

Like pilots gundams can be divided according to grades (C --> SS)
Gundams can be acquired by four ways
1 - Capsule machine
2 - Instance drop
3 - Evolution in the evolution chamber
4 - Fusion of three gundams in a "Corps Evolution Chamber"

For the capsule machine there are two types of draws
- Friendship draw
- Gold draw

Friendship draws can get you anything from a C rank / B rank / A rank
Gold draws can get you anything from a B rank / A rank / S rank / SS rank

Note: Gold draw chances of S rank and higher are quite low so use gold at your own risk

Instance drops usually give you C ranks and some missions give B ranks.   Higher rank gundams may be dropped in higher instance levels however I am still only lvl 32 as of now.  

Evolution in the evolution chamber takes a main gundam of B rank / A rank / S rank and fuses it other gundams to form a more powerful gundam.  Note that this evolution will cause the main gundam to revert back to level 1 with the other gundams being used up and deleted.

Corps evolution chamber uses three gundams that have been acquired via gold draw.  All three gundams are used up and give a randomly generated gundam from a set list varying from B --> SS rank.

There are gundam type skills and pilot passive skills

Gundam type skills activate upon filling up the SP bar (damaging + getting damaged) dealing a special attack that can result in certain buffs / debuffs

Pilot skills on the other hands passively work for ex: Increase damage of gundam by 2% when hp is below 50%

5 - Buildings
Space station
- Gives you access to instances and missions

- Place where you can reinforce your gundam to boost its stats
- Socket in modules to boost stats
- Transfer reinforcement levels to other gundams
- Plus you can see the stats of all the different gundams you have face =D

Evolution chamber
- Place for training units to increase the level cap which increases the cap on reinforcing your units
- Evolving gundams into stronger versions
- Sacrificing units for exp to level up a unit
- Synthesizing modules to improve their effect

- Site where you can purchase gundams after reaching certain honor levels

Officer admin center
- Building where you can modify the three stats of you pilots to improve their combat ability

- Building which allows you to acquire silver daily
- It is based on your number friends + total stars in instances + the level of the workshop itself

- Face other players and get honor + exp + silver
- Each day you will recieve honor + silver based on your ranking

My corps
- Gives you access to corp specific buildings when you are in a corps

Mine Battle
- Face other players to take over mining nodes which you have to hold for 8 hours.  If you can hold onto them for the full 8 hours you receive corps points + silver + vitality + gold (if hold onto a big node)

6 - Capsule drawing + tips
- If you want to spend money on this game make sure you charge atleast up to V.I.P 3 as you gain access to platinum traning which gives you a serious edge
- Capsule drop rates of S ranks are notoriously low.... however you can get lucky sometimes and get an S rank on your first go... you never know =D

- If you are in a corp make sure you recruit all the pilots you see in officer school so when you get accepted into a corp you can donate =D

- Even if you are inactive log in for the daily gift pack and just blitz the dungeons to use your energy

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Post time 2014-5-8 01:24:59 |Show all posts
Well i think that best formation is:
F:Tank Gundam with high defense beacuse he will take the most damage of enemy attacks
M:Should be balanced with damage and defence beacuse he will take some damage too but you also need to damage your enemy
L:High damage gundam beacuse he will be protected by the other gundams

Tip:Try to get the tamed pilots of your gundams (you can see who is it at the gundman page) it is will provide your gundam good bonuses of damage and def %

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Post time 2014-5-8 12:17:00 |Show all posts
F: high defense(ex: Sword Strike I)
M: medium-high damage/medium defense ( ex: Exia)
Middle- GOOhN (High Defense)

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Post time 2014-5-8 20:20:40 |Show all posts
F: a pure tank w/ high speed and med. attack rate/high attack rate(ex.sword strike)
M:its your own choice you can use this as an attacker/ another tanker
B:a pure attacker that can demolish the enemies with high speed too(ex.Exia)

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Post time 2014-5-8 21:53:49 |Show all posts
Strategy for Newbie Starter + VIP 0 :
1. Start from level 1 soon after Tutorial is over, dont do anything in game first, go generate your Novice Gift Pack Code from choose your desire server and Click to Receive, after that click Copy for copying the codes, go back in game and look for the icons above Boss War timer, pick the Box icon (the one below Sound icon), after that Paste your codes in the dialog box then click Receive, you will receive an Exia and some other goods. Add atleast 30 friends by double clicking player name from the chat windows so you can do the "Add Friends " event and Friend Bonus of your Workshop increase to +3000 silver (max).

2. After that recruit a Pilot for your Exia from the Officer School, pray to get a nice A Pilot with high Fight stat (90+) on his/her but Shinn is the best because his is the specific pilot for Exia which if he drive Exia, it will get the Combination Bonus Stat, after that upgrade your Evolution Chamber if you can so the experience you get from training will increase a lot too and you can open an extra slot of training, train your Exia and Sword Strike I in Evolution Chamber and let Exia absorb 2 Medium Test Type Gundam you got from the Novice Gift Pack that will make your Exia's level really high enough to 1 shot kill early instance (dont forget to reinfore your Exia in Garage). Just go use some random gundam for your 3rd gundam.
   *If you got any nice A gundam with A rating on the Defense (melee def>range def) from the Capsule on the Tutorial, you may swap it to take Sword Strike I position in front formation
   *Upgrade your Garage sometimes because Gundam Max Level = 20 + Garage Level

3. Upgrade your Evolution Chamber and Officer School as soon as you meet the level requirement because :
    a. Evolution Chamber : more upgrade = more slot to training, increase training experience, increase evolution model
    b. Officer School : more upgrade = decrease delay time of refresh/ recruit, more slot to recruit
   *Don't ever refresh the pilots even they are C class, just keep them so you can donate the unused one to your Corps later

4. Space Station :
    a. Go do your Main instance (keep a Regular GiNN, a Regular DiNN and a Sieging Dagger I) until the Silent Run Chapter which has Magnetic Duel I drop at the final of the stage, run it until you got it then go to Evolution Chamber to evolve the Magnetic Duel I to Magnetic Duel III. You can just use this gundam for long time or you can swap it for Valiant Duel III (the process is the same as Magnetic Duel III too). Keep doing your instance (main quest and sub quest) if you want to do the "lv 50 in 7 days after character created" event. Don't care about the rating of the match if you want to level your character quickly for the event.
    b. Don't repeat the same Hero instance except for Captain GiNN (Barrage Core) and Red Astray (Phase Core). Keep moving  forward until you stuck on an instance because the enemy is too strong then continue on your Main instance. Don't care about the rating of the match if you want to level your character quickly for the event.
    If you can't proceed the Main  and Hero instances any further then it is time to wait for the training CD to over to start train your 3 gundam again, remember to always reinforce your Exia then your tanker gundam's Def and HP

5. If you finally unlock the Daily Arena and Challenge Quest, do it. They give you totally 40 VIT, don't forget the Daily Sign In too, do them when you run out of VIT only.
   *You can add player to be your friend by double click their name in chat windows to add them.
   *Friend List can be access from the Left Arrow icon left from the chat windows, click the Silver icon for giving silver (10 Friendly Points) and click VS for fight them (5 Friendly Points and some Honor)
   *You can fight your friends to get FP 6 times only in a day (after that you get 0 FP and Honor), same as the silver gift too.
   *Fight your way in Arena to increase your Military Rank to Warrant Officer to buy a nice A Gundam tanker from Morgenroete

6. After your finally run out of VIT, go upgrade and levy your Workshop to get silver (sometimes 10 gold)
   *Basic Income = based on Workshop's upgrade level
   *Friend Bonus = #friend added (maximum of +3000 silver)
   *Instance Income = based on the total Star your got in Instance (Main and Hero)
   Don't forget to click on the Red Box icon, Online Gift icon and the Colorful Crystal icon on the upper right side menu if you meet the requirements.

So finally the activity you will do in a day as VIP 0 :
1. Train and Reinforce your Gundam (keep on tracking the 2 hours CD time, I even use timer when AFK)
2. Recruit Pilot (same on this one too)
3. Do your instance (main/hero) while doing your Arena Quest. Repeat your Captain GiNN and Red Astray hero quest to get their Core
4. Do you Challenge Quest
5. Draw your Capsule (pray to get a nice A Gundam)
6. After your VIT runs out (Daily,Arena,Challenge), levy your workshop
7. Officer Admin Center is optional, if you got plenty of Wisdom then go for it

That's all for my guide, if I got some mistake or error or forgot something on above please be nice to me Thank you very much

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